Sunday, January 9, 2011

Excited for DOA Dimensions being on Nintendo 3DS

I will admit that I was a bit bummed when I first found out the newest DOA game would be on handheld for obvious reasons its not on console lol so I thought it may not be as good as previous games, but up until now I realized why it will be a great thing!

There are a bunch of things that tournament goers and hosts will no longer ever have to worry about.

1. Needing x amount of setups.

We all know running a tournament is hard but getting all the proper equipment and setups is an even bigger hassle. Especially having television sets not only television sets but the proper ones. There have been a lot of tournaments in the past where we have had to deal with slow latency on monitors, but with Nintendo 3DS that will be no more! Everyone will be using the same setup regardless and its cost effective so running an event won't be so much money out of each others pockets!

2. Being able to play anywhere whenever you want to.

I know I hate it when I am travelling to a tournament and I can't do anything but listen to a MP3 player or play a different game on a handheld system, but now we are able to practice on what we are playing on! The possibilities are endless.

3. The DPAD

I personally dislike Microsofts Xbox 360 DPad and I am wish I didn't have to play on arcade stick for certain games such as Street Fighter. I would definitely still be playing on a pad if it wasn't a 6-8 button game but whatever. DOA has always really been a 3 button game and you can add with p+k, or f+k but usually can just press those all with one thumb. Anyway Nintendo has always been good with making proper DPads especially the SNES pad so I am looking forward to playing on it. Also N3DS has 6 buttons X Y A B and L n R.

4. I know everyones biggest gripe is that we can't play it on console (mainly a big TV) but Nintendo has an adapter that you can plug into the regular Nintendo DS that hooks into a TV so you can play games through your TV. Now I know that DOAD won't look as good on a regular TV but if you have a 3D tv then maybe we might get the same effects? Not sure we will have to test it out. This will also work well for streaming too so it covers all bases.

Now last but not least
5. Really good internet latency because Nintendo's netcode is really really solid. I know people who have played Tetris with players from Japan and experienced very minimal lag, so this will be great for our game. Seems like Team Ninja is always ahead of everyone else with or without Itagaki. Honestly I personally am a big fan of Hayashi especially learning that he had a lot to do with DOA3's development.

Oh by the way guys for people who are talking about the health bars. They were like that in DOA2 for the stun threshold. I think it was like that in DOA3 as well I can't remember.

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