Saturday, July 9, 2011

On Blast: Mortal Kombat Match ups - Kabal

Fighting Kabal

I keep seeing hella people falling victim to Kabal tactics because they aren't in the know so I am here to save you all the headache and let you know what you need to know on how to fight the burnt masked man.

No! Do not do this! : Jump at him cause you will get hit by a air fb and get spinned.

Yes! Do this!: Dash block stay in range where he can just randomly dash and force mind games. The closer you are the harder it is for him.

- Make him burn meter so he can't EX dash you. Also f+3,1 is no longer a block infinite you can jump out of hit him out of whatever he tries to do. He is actually 0 or -1 on block after the cancel all he can do is follow up with a special or not cancel. If he does that well you are knocked down and out of the mixup. If you block any projectile upclose besides his air one he is punishable on block.

- Punish his Dash!!!! I swear I see everyone block it and not punish it like what the hell man.

- Also his qcb 2 or his sword move is a overhead. The saw is low. He can't hit you with air fbs if you just crouch. What that will force him to do is dash and cancel his dash into his swords which is safe btw but if you screw up his spacing it is harder for him. Which is why the key to fighting kabal is staying next to him and on the ground. Don't jump unless you are in a position where he can fb you.

PS: Shout outs to michaelangelo =D

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