Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pre Evolution 2010 blog

Thought I would give an update before I get on my flight later tonight.

First want to say good luck to everyone and hope we put on a good show for G4. The main goal should be for sponsors and other big name companies to take notice. Because we the fighting game community is something worth investing into for now and the future.

I feel like I am a bit of a underdog going into this which I am pretty excited about because its been a while. I feel really confident going into this, coming up short isn't an option but if it happens well then it happens. Not promising anything just going to do my best. This will also be the first tournament I will not switch off of the character I will be using in tournament so that means in SF and Tekken it will be all Akuma/Devil Jin. I know I have been known to change throughout a variety of characters, but I am going to stick to what I know the best and what I feel I am the best with. Especially since in SF4 4-6 match isn't all that bad and is very winnable just have to play it properly.

Everyone in my pool is panicking because of Nin being in our pool for Tekken, but I am just like whatever since I was able to play with him a lot in Columbus so I feel very familiar with how to fight Steve. Hopefully I can get some casuals in for Tekken because I lack any worthwhile competition here to play with for me to keep playing with people. Also not much a variety of characters either.

Anyway so I arrive into Las Vegas at 7:35 AM. Unfortunately the people I am rooming with won't be in town until about 3 pm so I will be waiting about 9 hours till they get in, so in the mean time going to be looking for people to play with and get some good practice in.

It will also be really great seeing all the friends I have made over the years in the gaming community. Its been a while since I have been to an Evolution tournament. My goal this year will be to get a golden arcade stick. My goal the last time I went was to be on the Evolution trailer hitting someone with a cool ass combo and that happened :). Hopefully I can pull it off again this year.

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