Thursday, August 19, 2010

No longer holding back

I think I am just going to speak my mind on this one.

I have come to a realization that I just really don't like playing SF4 at all. I guess kudos to it for "reviving" the fighting game scene, but I very much rather be playing something else. The only other thing is Tekken and BB but Tekken 6 is honestly really old so getting into it now is harder than ever especially with no competition and a shitty online mode (thank you Namco =\ ) and 3D games take way more time than 2D games to learn because of the amount of variety in the game. BB I might give it a show but who knows.

My biggest gripes with SF4 is how mash friendly it is. Mash out reversals. The so called "hard" combos can be simplified with shortcuts. Multiple characters who have a very straight forward not too much thinking involved game plan. Rufus, Bison, Abel etc then you have chars like Viper who doesn't really have to block with all of her escape options. Oh and I forgot to mention how safe all of these get out of jail free cards are.

I really really hate using an arcade stick. I hate carrying it around. Its nice to look at though but to me honestly that is about it. Its the biggest waste of money I have wasted in a while. Definitely will be selling all 3 of my sticks soon including the one that is dual modded.

Tired of tournaments running forever because the TO's want to make you wait once you get to winners finals for the losers bracket to finish just to play out winners, losers and grand finals in order instead of just having the winner finals play it out then finish up the losers bracket like whatever man. Tired of TO's being lazy and running tournaments on poor latency tv/monitors. Seriously do you not look up how and what you should run a tournament on? At least fucking change the resolution to 720p. This shit irks the hell out of me.

Also hella annoyed with switching systems every tournament. Either PS3 or X360 dude choose one seriously and Ps3 is crap so use Xbox360 k thnx.

I hate to say this but there is absolutely no reason for there to be "teams" in a fighting game genre this shit isn't a team effort. Fighting game = 1v1 not 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4. Its really pointless only thing there should be is a coach or manager.

Moving on. People keep asking me am I looking forward to the new fighting games next year and I keep giving (I could careless answers or it will be the same as any other fighter and no I am not hyped) I will give a straight up answer:

The only game that I am looking forward to that is supposed to be releasing next year is Mortal Kombat.

Yes this means I could careless about MVC3 even if Magneto is in it, I could give a shit about Tekken vs SF and vice versa. The only games I am looking forward to right now are MK or a new DOA game which hasn't even been show yet. Other than that I am looking forward to Devil's Third the game being produced by Itagaki's new company.

Anyway I am thinking about taking a break from competing for a while I can't really find any real motivation. Like there isn't a player I just hate seeing win. I don't feel like there is anything to prove, I also don't like the game(s) so that is a big factor as well.

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  1. Playing SF4 is a like eating at McDonald's. It's popular, people consume it because it's advertised to them and everyone else does goes there, and you've got easy access to it.

    But if you want real meat it just isn't there.

    It's not going to last years like every other Capcom series.