Monday, October 18, 2010

Seasons Beatings

Its been about two months since I last updated my blog. I will try not to wait this long again.

Well learned a lot of interesting stuff. First off I did terribad (I know I made up a word....U MAD?!) this time. Lost to Bison and Rose.

Bison is really good vs shoto and Rose is as well. I hate her U2 it stops me from being able to pressure her on wake up giving players easy get out of jail free cards.

Alright so when super was released everyone told me I was dumb for thinking Akuma loses to Viper/Dictator/Boxer in this game. Well I talked to Momochi and omg guess what? He agrees with 100% of the matchups I said Akuma loses in (not just viper/bison/boxer) either. He told me whenever he uses Gouki in this game he always loses to Viper and same for Dictator he just can't beat them, so if that man can't do it and Tokido can't either. Neither can I. He likes Ken vs viper though lol, but not dictator.

I also asked him who he thinks the top 5 best characters are at this present time. Immediately he answers Shotos with hella confidence. Also added Chun Li and Boxer for the simple fact all of them while they may have hard match ups somewhere. Across the board they win a vast majority of their matchups. Honda and Dahlsim are really good but they also have really bad matchups. This is what he said.

I asked Daigo something similar (moreso who he believes the #1 character is now since EVO) he said Gouki then when I looked at him with a funny face he said Honda then said Gouki again lol. Honda has bad matchups (like sagat, chun, sim etc) but he can win them still. Especially when he benefits from single attacks that just pretty much make you say "wtf happened to my bar?".

Alright let me talk about seasons beatings. The event was super good. Seriously there is no reason to go to EVO for me anymore. Columbus, Ohio is a 2 hour drive away from me. Momo2 KTV's venue is the best venue to hold a tournament with all the food and the surrounding area as well. I haven't been to a tournament more hype/fun/exciting than Seasons Beatings in a very long time or maybe ever. At evo you have to deal with  1mil people in a pool and the people who run them take too long and don't want to DQ people. Theres really nothing to do during down time of matches either besides sit around and wait. EVO still has its prestige but with Seasons Beatings being after it I think its more important now to make.

Really good stuff to Godlike Productions for delivering on everything and more. Good shit to Team Spooky for providing a great stream for everyone.

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