Friday, December 17, 2010

Evo Online/Future Events training

Been practicing really hard trying to figure out whats the best way to approach this game. Whenever I get into a unfamiliar engine I need a little help, but who doesn't when they are starting out?

Pretty good guy and great player Air from Canada is helping me a great deal. Him being a ryu player and having loads of experience over in Japan playing with the best of the best is perfect for helping me out.

We played a lot today and with a Sim player named Mar who has a really good Sim. Learning both the Ryu and Sim match ups in greater detail than ever before.

The Do's and Don'ts that I have learned so far are:

1. When zoning its better to neutral jump over fireballs then shoot a fireball instead of neutral jump then air fireball because people can just walk up and punish me.

2. After neutral jumping over a fireball the opponent has 3 options, Jump-in, walk forward then do a normal or throw, throw another fireball. The 3 counters to that are Anti Air > Jump-in, Stick out your own normal > walk forward, Throw a fireball > them throwing another fireball. Of course Jump-in > Fireball. Okay I guess that is 4 options but you see what I am saying.

3. Proper use of your normals. Frame traps used to bait a whiff, apply a strike throw mix up, and also set up a counter hit. Baiting a whiff loses to doing a move that has enough range it won't whiff, Strike/throw mix up loses to late tech or reversal depending on the timing, counter hit set ups lose to block and reversal which is also another version of strike throw mix up and it also loses to whiff baiting.

My bad habits I had to break to even be able to compete with him was to stop using sweep as my primary normal choice. Its a bad habit I think cause on stick I dunno I just hit it for whatever reason lol. On pad medium kick is right there and convenient for me to press that's why I use it more, but I am pretty sure I have just broke the habit on stick.

Also my Anti Air in my opinion (and his opinion) wasn't as good because I guess I wasn't sure of the situation where the opponent would jump at me which is basically in the max range where fireball is punishable by a jump in. Once I realized that anti airing became so much easier for me.

I am also starting to realize how sparingly you should throw fireballs in certain ranges because they will get punished. Also for whatever reason I seem to either have a 6th sense for knowing a fireball is coming or I can see their start up frames pretty well on reaction now, but then again I would just be in that range and be looking for a fireball so its more so and educated reaction than a raw reaction.

That's it for right now. I can't wait to get back to it tomorrow. One more day until Evolution Online. I want that all expense paid trip to Evolution 2011 because going to Vegas is expensive and I rather just have money for food, chill and money matches this time around.

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