Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Pop Off: Street Fighter Rant

Alright I am really sick and tired of playing this game and not because I think its bad or good.

I can't get any quality competition to get better in this game while other regions are able to play people on a consistent basis who are good and not even have to play that much to still be able to compete at a really high level.

In this area what all I have is wolfkrone and for us to play we just play online since we are like a hour and a half away from each other. Yea I have hella Viper matchup experience but the rest of the characters in the game? Not really so whenever I lose in this game I always feel like I lost not because I was out played but I just don't know what the hell is going on. In this game it boggles my mind. SF2 for whatever reason is way easier to understand. The game in general and match ups too, but this game I am like how the hell do I open someone up you can just tech every grab with delay tech or mash tech when there is a block string and don't press a button at right time and you won't ever get counter hit. Like seriously? I have seen someone do this and it is just frustrating how much easier it is to not get hit opposed to how difficult it is to hit.

Yea I used Akuma for what 3 years but he isn't fun I don't like how he plays but I like him art wise so I kept using him but now I am trying to figure out who better suits me. I dislike how you can tech grabs hella easy and I hate how certain chars like viper don't even need to they just burn kick or ex seismo to get away from it and both these moves are safe. Most chars at least need two bars to FADC a reversal and make sure the attack doesn't whiff but nah viper can just toss shit out safely since burn kick has decent range and ex seismo is 3/4ths of the screen as it is.

Anyway I keep wanting to play this game and keep trying to practice regardless having no consistent quality competition but its hella tough cause my fundamentals as a player only go so far until knowledge of the game comes into play.


  1. shut the fuck up carl you're such a whiny little bitch

  2. why not teach others how to play this game, you learn more and you get better opponents

  3. "it is just frustrating how much easier it is to not get hit opposed to how difficult it is to hit."


  4. I know the feeling man. Not that I'm one of these amazing players like you and WK, but here in NC, there's nothing, and no one to play. Just kinda..get used to online.