Friday, August 17, 2012

Pre release DOA5 thoughts

My thoughts on Dead or Alive 5 so far is that this game is stacking up to be very good. I haven't played any of the new builds for the game but the things that I have seen and have heard in particular, is very promising. I hear critical burst was toned down and have no idea why I hope it reverts back to what it was.

Actually let’s talk about Critical Burst so we can all be on the same page:

- Critical burst is a new feature in the game where it rewards you for extending the stun to maximum threshold and then breaking that threshold with a critical burst attack which allows you a free attack afterwards.

- I think this is a good feature because now it’s an actual reward for out thinking your opponent in a long sequence of attacks. Since it takes a good sequence to achieve this, it shouldn't be that easy vs. a higher level player so when it does happen you feel good that you out thought your opponent.

- Before in past DOA games if you did this you wouldn't get any extra reward besides a higher launch height. I feel this is a much better reward. However I do feel this won't change the fundamental game of DOA too much it will still be the same so that is good as well it just adds an extra element a long with the critical staggers that don't let you hold immediately and the ones that don't let you hold at all.

DOA has always been won more from how much a player and a character doesn't need to use the stun to win because there is still that randomness element in there. I say this even with knowing the hold active frames have been reduced. This means that they are shorter and the damage is even less than before now.

For example: Hayate has always been about knocking you into environmental hazards and working pressure from knockdowns. In DOA3, working from frame traps with his elbow. Based from the videos they seem to have captured his frame traps well and based on the demo he still has sick wake up pressure.

Another example though Jann Lee is dangerous when he puts you in a stun and dangerous when you are anywhere near a wall. When Jann Lee stuns you it is very hard to get away from him and that brought his old dragon gunner and mid punch/high kick hold properties back allowing him to get guaranteed damage to knock you into environment. From what I see all of the stages are more closed in this time around so I can't wait to abuse people at the wall. Sorry guys.

Also I would like everyone to go into DOA5 with an open mind. Yes some of your DOA habits should transfer but others shouldn't. I think all of you need to work on having a better spacing game this time around especially with having a Virtua Fighter like sidestep and on top of that the 8 way is better as well. So if you try to run in and cannon drill me with Ayane I will just 8 way it regularly then get a full combo in your back.

I hope everyone is able to make Season's Beatings: Ascension in Cleveland, OH on the weekend of the games release in September!

To coincide with the games release I will be running a stream playing the game against fellow veteran players and I will be posting tutorial, combo and match videos on my YouTube page, so stay tuned.

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Thanks guys!

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