Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SSF4 Characters Nerfs, Buffs and Placings.

Tackling Sagat:

Sagat's tiger knee damage has been nerfed and so has its safety. If you block it standing you get a free combo so its a bit risky to toss out when you are zoning now.

Angry scar is useless so far to me. Angry scar fp tu is 180 pts. EX TU is 200 pts

Angry scar however does it make it possible for you to juggle into TU after a TK but only in the corner. Also allows you to hit a TU after a TU FADC but its useless meter. 

EX TK is good still its -1 on block and does 180 pts so its good to use in fireball zoning. It seems a bit pointless to really go for a kara tu unless to anti air. On the ground its not as rewarding unless the combo will kill the opponent. Also during zoning low step kick has to be used more aswell.

st lk no longer being cancellable into stuff from a distance is a pain but just have to get used to his other normals.

Anyway as far as combos. Its best to go for EX TU (meaning you are only using 1 meter for your go to combo instead of 2) But the timing for u1 is a little strict. The trick is that as soon as you land do the command. Buffering it makes it miss sometimes.

Pretty much Sagat like akuma for extra damage has to use his EX meter.

Sagat has to use EX TK, EX TU moreso now than ever for damage.

Regular TK was nerfed but EX TK is really good. TU was nerfed but EX TU is still good. And Angry scar just enhances his EX TU but only by 40 pts so use if you feel like whatever you do will kill.

Ex TK is good for zoning cause its the only safe tiger knee now lol at -1. So if they are ducking you should be at a huge advantage.

Only thing now EX TU to U1 will be difficult for people but its not as hard as people think.

Also for akuma ex dp is the best option after a lk tatsu since it does more stun and does the same dmg as lp dp fadc hp shaku.

I still feel Sagat and Akuma are top tier as well with all these findings.

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