Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SSF4 training

Everyone knows I main Akuma so I found some good Akuma combo's to make up for losing his ability to stand up opponents and perform more damaging combos. 

I believe these combos worked in Vanilla aswell but no one even thought to use them. I found out cause I read in frame data that hk/mk tatsu stands the opponent up. So if you do like cr lp x2 then hk tatsu they will stand up. Cancelling hk tatsu allows you to do more combos.

Requires half meter:

Jump in hk > c.fp xx hk tatsu fadc > link s.fp xx lk tatsu > fp dp 

461 dmg / 755 stun

Requires full meter:

Jump in hk > c.fp xx hk tatsu fadc > link s.fp xx fireball fadc > c. fp xx lk tatsu > fp dp

487 dmg / 845 stun

Here is a good BNB for his ultra 2.

Jump in hk > c.fp xx hk tatsu fadc > link s.fp xx teleport xx u2 

526 Dmg / 670 Stun

These combos work if the opponent is crouching. If they aren't crouching its best to do a poke to fireball fadc combo since if they are already standing its harder to cancel from a hk/mk tatsu into a follow up for combo because of the stun the opponent does when they get hit is different from when they are crouching.

So far akuma is still good right now his toughest match I feel will be ibuki because she can option select his teleport with a knock down and its realllly easy to do. You actually don't even need to option select the teleport you can just see him teleport and do her neck breaker.

The heck I just found out something odd. Akuma's u2 only hits characters who are standing but vs dudley I did close fp to u2 and it all connected and he was still crouching.

Also vs characters where you don't get a jump in you can do two c.lp's into hk tatsu and get them to stand up and go for a combo.

On to hakan:

Been messing with Hakan cause I really to believe he is bottom tier.

He has two command grabs one that works like a regular SPD where it will hit you if you are doing anything but jumping or a reversal which is performed by pressing punch. Another command throw performed by kicks which grabs standing, back dash, jumps but you can crouch it and reversal it.

So his wake up game is either tick to kick throw or punch throw. Kick throw the best one is lk so if they immediately jump anticipating a punch throw they will get grabbed. If you use any other kick you will more than likely whiff. If you think they will duck you have to do the punch throw of course.

When Hakan is oiled up he can fp slide full screen and its safe if the opponent is on the other side of the screen and they block it so in other words he can play full screen footsies with a slide. 

hp, cr mk, f+hk, cr hk are all my favorite pokes right now and I think f+mp. When oiled up he can cancel his focus dashes and immediately go into attacks which is really great for when people are trying to poke you and you focus throw it and hit them or grab them when they are out of range.

While he is oiled up he can also combo his low shorts which if you think about it in regular ways its not a big deal cause he can't combo into anything from his low shorts but its a great way to mix up the timing on when you will do one of his grabs, block, hit one of his normal buttons or focus attack. I think its great for that even his ultra 1 grab. I think his ultra 1 grab will be great for opponents he can rush down while the ultra 2 anti air is great for opponents that try to rush him down and jump in all day. 

Let me not to forget to say hakan's jump game is nice too. Jump f+strong combos to u2 and iirc gives enough time to oil up. Any time Hakan gets a knock down its time to oil up. Always use lk oil up its really useful even when spacing especially when your opponent doesn't want to get knocked down or lose a chunk of life from hp.

Thats it for now I will post more when I find out some more useful stuff.

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