Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SSF4 Training Continued

Tackling Seth:

- U1 trap is gone. 

- Teleport recovery is worst

- Neutral Jump Fierce has 6 less active frames

- Dive kick executes slower so it hangs in the air more.

This means he lost a lot of his offense even though he still has a lot offense but just no more ambiguous sonic boom mixups which is fine. 

Also lost being able to make people jump with sonic booms then u1 them. Teleport makes it so its harder to follow up after legs now if opponent quick stands cause the added recovery on teleport. Absolutely must throw a sonic boom first.

Other than that he can still use EX legs to go through limbs/projectiles etc. Thats really good especially if opponents back is to the wall because ex legs to u2 is 408 pts of damage. So once Seth has an opponents back to the wall its scary even without u2 he can stomp for 255 and then go for a mixup. Opponent will probably get stunned really fast.

His zoning is still intact. He can still super trap people with sonic booms.

Normals are good or might be better. st mk, rh, fp really good. close st fp is good for anti air and far st mp is good for anti air aswell.

When you anti air someone either boom them for chip damage, or tandem engine for mixups. If opponent is antsy and tries to jump at you again use EX Tandem engine since it grabs them out of the air and pulls them towards you, but you need ex bars for that.

EX SPD is still invincible to attacks on start up so you can use that as well.

To me it looks like what capcom really did to nerf the top characters is make it so they have to use their EX meter more to stay really good but thats not bad cause the rest of the cast has to do it aswell. Look at rufus with EX messiah/snake strike etc. 

I think seth is still good.


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  1. I think that with the nerfs they made to Seth and the additions of his new ultra Capcom wants him to be more rush down. Which is probably what they wanted to begin with.