Friday, June 11, 2010

DOA5 at E3 semi confirmation, Galaxy4Gamers, Mortal Kombat reboot!

Well I had to edit what I was writing about DOA5 because apparently it has been taken off the show floor site for E3 in the Tecmo section. Despite that I am really looking forward to DOA5 hopefully a lot of people play it! I wish we could at least get a trailer or something ah well. By the way check out we are building the DOA scene back up and welcome all players to come to the site and learn and help us all grow.

Also I have been participating in G4G lately. Here are the match vids from me playing Alex Valle and Justin Wong

G4G Beat a Pro Match videos:
Myself vs Alex "Calipower" Valle

Myself vs Justin "JWong" Wong

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! I so cannot wait for this game. I have been saying for years they need to go back to 2D gameplay because 3D while it was ok it didn't work as good as it should with MK. Maybe if they kept the MK4 style gameplay, but the 2D gameplay is classic and makes MK well MK. Unless they used the Shaolin Monks versus mode engine. That was too good honestly way more enjoyable than the regular 3D MKs. Besides that I have noticed that the setting of the game is MK2 or a little after MK2 because I see Sektor is in the game and they also have old Shang Tsung. Maybe they are really just rebooting the series who knows cause I didn't see Liu Kang at all.

I am definitely looking forward to this.


  1. yes i can finally annihilate you cocky doa pros in one peace with a new installment

  2. Lol really? I didn't know we were cocky.