Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MLG Columbus, Upcoming Events, EVO Top 8 Payout

I didn't particularly do too well. I made it to the 4th round in winners and then lost to Pat_Thai a Julia player. I lack a lot of Julia experience and it showed :(. The next day for losers bracket I showed up late because I thought start time was to begin at 1 PM but it actually began at 11 AM so I was disqualified :(. It's ok because I still had a blast that weekend because my roommates in the hotel were none other than Nin, Knee and Holeman some of the top players from Korea.

Nin taught me a whole lot about the game that I didn't know and I believe it has made me a stronger player in Tekken overall. I began to improve at a very fast rate and when I played against players in casual matches I was doing drastically better than before, so I am very thankful for their help.

This past Sunday Nin stayed up talking to me about a lot of Tekken history in Korea and just in general and we even discussed current things like character matchups and the tierlist that the characters will end up in the long run.

Top 3 characters will be: Bryan, Nina, Devil Jin and the full S tier would be Bryan, Nina, Devil Jin, Steve, Bruce, Lars, Bob, Julia.

Other than Tekken stuff. Speaking broken english is the shiznit. I can't speak Korean and they could barely speak english but we are all pro in speaking broken english. It was so fun hanging out with those guys for real.

Alright let me talk about the next upcoming events the ones I am more than likely to make and the ones I probably won't be able to.

First thing I wish I could go to devestation but too much money and too little time to make it :(. I believe I can do very well in SF4 and Tekken. If I put some time into SC4 before hand I am more than sure I can do well in that as well even if I run into a Hilde player. I'll just pick Algol like seriously. Bubbles pin hilde down and she can't really launch algol without trading with a bubble and messing up the timing for her combos.

In two weeks there will be a tournament in Cleveland with $500 payout for 1st place in SSFIV. I feel very confident that I can pull it out especially since I have tightened up my match up trouble that I initially had with Gouki. Also they will be having 2v2 which me and WolfKrone will definitely be teaming up for.

Evolution I really really want to go this year. I keep having dreams that I win it and have yet another Evolution championship title under my belt. Hopefully I will be able to make it and even if I can't win I know I can make top 8 at the very least.

Thats all for now. I will probably post more later. Also have been getting back into DOA because apparently we might be getting a DOA5 showing at E3. Keep your fingers crossed >_<

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