Saturday, June 12, 2010

Present Day SF grass roots tournaments - Attack of the Clones, and Tekken Zaibatsu website down all day?

It feels as though 90% of the EC has no personality. Most of them talk and behave the exact same as another player. I blame most of the East Coast for biting off each other and then rubbing off on most of the players in the community, but it is really annoying hearing everyone saying shout outs every 10 seconds and all the same phrases that involve monster, salty, mortons, on blast etc.

Seriously can the EC all get their own personality? Everyone is a clone of one another just a different voice tone. Also most people could care less about stories on players who aren't really known and it takes away from your events. Unless they are a good up and coming player that has been showing progress then I don't see the point.

Furthermore can we please stop with the commentary from so many people, and dropping the N word definitely doesn't help your case either. If you want sponsors and big name companies to take your game and community seriously please start acting like it, If not then well you can continue on with your circus.

Moving on....

How come every tournament has to run a team tournament at every event. Its pointless to run a team tournament because it takes too long and slows the tournament down. The entire tournament could be done a lot faster if there wasn't a team tournament. I don't know any players who actually train up and take teams serious. The only time a team tournament means anything is SBO or Tekken Crash. And SBO doesn't matter cause its single elim, and Tekken Crash is a full season so actually picking players for your team is far more important and requires a lot more strategizing.

Now the only tournaments that really don't have any of the above problems are tournaments on the west coast and the times when Seb is the one in charge of the production on the east coast, but if Seb is not around....sigh.

I really hope everyone starts to look up to the west coast as an example on how things are done.

In other news:

The Tekken Zaibatsu website has been down for an entire day! What is there a server move going on or is the Tekken community going to be in trouble? It will be very difficult for players to meet up and what not hopefully this is temporary especially for upcoming events needing to be promoted there isn't really any other way for information to move about the Tekken community.

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