Monday, October 29, 2012

Dead or Alive 5 Entry: Enter Hayate part 1

Alright I will just get right into. Hayate I have been looking and searching to see what he has that makes him solid or if he is bad and I have come to a conclusion that he is somewhere in between A and B tier. He is definitely not S though. Hes hella good imo but there are just characters who are better than he is which isn't a problem this is the same position he was in for DOA4 as well. DOA3 he was pretty much top tier though.

Anyway I will get right into why I think he is very good in this game.


Like every DOA game he has a very solid grab game. In this one he is no different. 236 Grab is a 7 frame punisher and he can either go for a stun mixup to eventually lead to critical burst or another 236 grab set up or he can go for a guaranteed 72 pts of damage with 7k. This is very good because 70 pt damaging grabs don't usually come into play unless you are doing a 12 frame grab so this is very strong. For example Hayabusa's izuna grab is 12 frames and 75 pts of damage. However the downside to Hayate's grab is it doesn't scale so if you land 236 grab on hi counter you won't get scaling and it will always be a solid 75 pts.

I recommend that if you go for this grab for hi counter damage you are better off just doing his raijin grab which is 41236 grab and is about 90 pts + it has a high probability of hitting a wall for additional 10 pts or more depending on the environment and doubles as knocking the opponent into the ceiling.

Also his other grabs all use the environment for additional damage even his neutral grab. So that is always a plus.

For keeping people off of you you have 6pk which is a safe knock down and the second hit is a step killer so players who are step happy you can score a knock down for more pressure. If they lay there you can run up and hit a well timed 1p or if you aren't confident with you timing and don't want to get hit by a get up kick you can do 4p+k to force it to whiff then come in with the follow up or cancel it into something else.

Also 4p+k alone is really good for keep out and forcing whiffs as well. Whenever this is on the screen the opponent will either go defensive to try to avoid released charge or they will try to counter hit you out of it which both being just as difficult to do either way. 4p+k is a really good tool for Hayate's keep out.

3p is also really good cause of the range and it has high crush properties in certain frames. On counter hit its a lift stun and the follow up is a sit down stun that gives a guaranteed 33k. You can use 3p to keep people honest if they try to sidestep or attack afterwards you can finish the follow up for a counter hit and get the sit down stun. Vs sidestep you will have to delay though so it catches them during the step.

8p+k is great up close vs string happy players because you can SS inbetween and get a stun then lead into a grab or a stun sequence into a launcher or extend it for critical burst. Don't over abuse this though it is -9 on block so very punishable.

9p is a safe high that is quite fast at 14 frames and can catch people trying to run up doing mids from a certain range. It also has a follow up that can be charged for + frames and that actually has a lot of range. You can whiff the first hit and charge the second and it will probably reach your opponent in mid range and its tricky to sidestep too.

3k is (i know ive been saying very good a lot but damn hes got a lot of juice) is a safe mid and its + on hit and stuns on counter hit and crouching. Has a lot of range and sets up a lot for hayate. Its linear though so you will have to cover it with a move like 1p to stop people from stepping.

Alright guys I will post more in the part 2 for Hayate stay tuned!

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