Friday, October 12, 2012

Lets be serious here entry of the week: Scrubs cry games die

If you haven't realized by the title of this blog entry but I will be talking about the cries of players who want balancing because they aren't competent enough to step up and figure out ways around specific strategies.

Now before I get into the main topic I want to give you all a history lesson. 2 communities have been torn apart on a competitive front and hurt the game because of players complaining for nerfs to characters or game mechanics in general.

I am looking at you Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat. Now when both of these games were released they were very healthy competitively but as time went on players complained and cried for nerfs thus taking the entire competitive population down a big notch. MK which drew 100 at majors on a consistent basis now draws about 60 and Soul Calibur is barely around anymore. A lot of fighting game players from other communities stopped playing because of this reason.

It is annoying as a fighting game player who goes to tournaments on a frequent basis and plays multiple games to have to keep up on multiple patches for fighting games thus having to study even more. Its like studying subjects in school and every month you are handed a new book for your subject with changes made. For example 2+2 is no longer 4 it is now 5. Quite ridiculous right?

Anyway these games don't have a big enough community of competitive players like the Capcom fighting game community so a patch here and there won't hurt them as much because they will play whatever Capcom fleshes out. However for games like MK, SC, DOA if you change something it can hurt overall tournament attendance because it may or may not break the game. Lets be serious here when something is patched out or balanced in a Capcom game it is for very good reason and a tactic in general is probably way too good. For example Phoenix in vanilla MVC3 or Sagat/Ryu/Akuma in Vanilla SF4. While these characters are still good in the most recent renditions of their games they aren't as ridiculous as before.

In DOA the big thing is everyone is complaining about Jann Lee's dragon gunner. Now in higher levels of play.....wait first let me say something. I'm pretty sure I am more than qualified to talk about Jann Lee being a Jann Lee main as well as main of other characters in DOA,a DOA veteran and world champion "alright I promise I am done pole jocking myself" I have the rights to speak on what is too good or not in this game.

Anyway on to the cries... Apparently Dragon Gunner is too good! Its a 17 frame unseeable grab that potentially leads into half life if you guess right like 3-4 times after landing it. That's right after I land the dragon gunner I have to guess right 3-4 times to deal any big boy damage to your health bar. Now if you look for the dragon gunner and punish me with a grab you will get a pretty good chunk of life. You can even buffer your most damaging throw and hit me with it or you can just press grab and hit me with your 5 frame grab. Very similar to another game.........Tekken.

Grabs in tekken are 12 frames but almost every top level player can break grabs on reaction....... So what you are telling me is this 17 frame offensive hold you can't press the grab button when you read, anticipate and see this? You know you can also duck it too and rise up and hit me with your most damaging grab on Hi Counter Throw while I am in my recovery frames? Have any of you at all tried this? Smh

Also Jann Lee isn't a rush down character. He actually isn't that good when it comes to approaching his opponents he is more of a defensive character that basically punishes you for trying to rush him down. When you force Jann Lee to come to you is when his holes tend to get exploited. He also has a lot of trouble fighting against characters who are adept at being evasive and can high crush his jabs thus stopping him from being able to slugfest and force into stun from p6p or counter hit 6p, 6k, sidestep punches and his mid punch and high kick holds.

If you guys would stop trying to go punch for punch with Jann Lee you wouldn't have as many problems as you are having which of course goes back to your own player experience and skill. This is where you have to put an adequate amount of time into the game to get to that level. Instead of complaining you should be in the lab trying to get more accustomed to how you are supposed to play the game instead spending all of your time trying to get some cheese for your whine.

I am making this post to of course help the new up and coming DOA players to realize the errors of their ways so that we can have a healthy competitive scene instead of a bunch of players whining and complaining about whatever tactic that is giving them a hard time.

The only issues with this game is how buggy the ground game is which is being fixed in the patch. Its the same reason Mila can infinite you on the ground as well as Tina getting an inconsistent amount of continuous ground grabs after a knock down.

After that and some small tweaking like Ayane being +7 after 66kk4 and Hayabusa's 3f+k being a tracking move for example I think everything will be fine. The game is very well made and I hope all of you put a lot of time into getting good in this game and end up being worthy opponents in the future.

I don't want this game to get killed because players end up complaining so much the make the game very bland and boring thus taking any interest the game had away, so please players level up.

Now for no reason here is a video of a woman getting uppercutted for acting out on a bus:

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