Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Future of Mortal Kombat

Everyone stop with this "Oh after this tournament I'm not playing anymore" stop putting out this stigma that this game is gonna be done or die because you want to move on to the next game so you are trying to write off MK.

Newsflash Mortal Kombat will live on with or without you and the lower level players will replace the mid level and the mid level may level up and become top players. The cycle will keep going.

MK is going to be at the level of Street Fighter in a few years as far as attendance numbers. It already has the most views on IGN for Evolution Finals having 700,000 + views while the other games only have 200,000+ . And again it won the Golden Joystick award two years in and row and this game came out LAST year and a bunch of games have released since then.

Every time someone challenges this community of players we always rise to the occasion to show up and put on a good show. Oh we got a 64 man cap? No problem and we raised it now we have 96 or so entrants.

When Injustice releases it will breathe even more life into Mortal Kombat and it will be Mortal Kombats equivalent to Street Fighter's Marvel which is a big reason for Street Fighter's success in its homegrown tournament circuit.

Also UMK3 I believe is also going to resurface. I actually am picking this game up so I hope you all do as well.

Looking forward to mashing all of your heads in at the next event(s). It HAS begun and it will never end!

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