Sunday, October 7, 2012

DOA5 Hayate Early Impressions


I am very much soul searching with this character. I feel like hes good some days but other days I feel like he needs some buffs. His redeeming factor is how strong he is when his opponents back is to the wall. Also he still retains a 8p which high crushes in the proper frames and its difficult to attack him afterwards cause of the follow up which is very much unsafe but he finally has 8pk which is -5 now but you can hit him out of it but if you have them afraid of 8p8k you can do that instead of free cancel for a back turned mixup.

Also 33kk is -2 on guard now so you can use that as an effective counter poke which has weird timing to sidestep because you can very much just do 33k and land and go for more pressure. He has 1k which is a instant high crush so characters like Sarah with annoying strings like 6p4k that are + on block but hits high you can block it then do 1k and get advantage back and follow up with a throw or 6pk if they decide to hit a button.

6pk is really good cause if they sidestep the punch the kick is fast enough to knock them down then you can go for oki. If they don't tech immediately you can do 8p+k to pounce on them. If they tech immediately you can wind dash p+k to hit them out of all of their options when they tech or you can do the punch if they decide to block. You can also do dash up 33k, 6p, 66p, 2f+k or 9p. Also 9p is really good if they tech roll backwards and they try to hold mid and you hit them with 9p since the follow up to it is a 2in1.
My current top 10 moves with Hayate


p strings









notable 236p

In this game Hayate has to be played pretty risky because everything is basically a raijin or a flip over grab set up. I am trying to get more used to doing the flip over grab since its +10 and forces the opponent to have to slow escape or you can just do 6pk for a free knock down for more pressure. Still working on Hayate. I wish he still had his DOA4 4f+k/h+k and 236k being a +5 guard break. I suggested this to Shimbori and he agreed 236k being like DOA4 would be fair especially since its easier to sidestep now and now if you block it its only -5. Also 4p will probably end up being his mid punch tracking move in the patch. I hope it stuns on normal hit lol.

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