Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dead or Alive 5 Entry: Game Balance

Team Ninja is awesome! They are being very open to balancing to improve the game so of course I want to do my part. I will go right into it. I will mostly talk about core things for the game cause I feel the game is good but since I have had more time with the game it gives me a better perspective of what needs to be done overall for improvement.

The Ground Game/Okizeme:

DOA4 I think was a move in the right direction with how forced tech worked in the game. That was actually my favorite part about the game and would love if this can be brought back. As of now in DOA5 if you go for a forced tech combo that can tech before you land the hit but this is there to stop infinites from happening like the Mila infinite.

Now forced tech in my opnion is only needed because of how powerful the wake up kick is. The wake up kick has far too much invincibility, its safe on block, has a lot of push back on block as well as gives you a deep stun on normal hit and on top of that covers a big range.

Why this is a problem? Any time you knock your opponent down your opponent who is now knocked down gets a free 50/50 mid or low mixup that is a deep stun. The only real defense you have vs this if you have recovered fast enough so you can back away, block the get up kick or use a reversal, but when you commit to holding or blocking the get up kick and even backing away the opponent can basically instantly get up and put you in another mix up that is too fast to react to.

I know in some instances the pound 8p+k or 2p/2k depending character can stop a get up kick but it just puts you in the same situation and they get to get up kick again and now you have no choice but to guess and can't even back away. I think this is a big problem. In most games when you knock someone down you have the advantage and now the defender has to take on defense to get up properly by rolling away or blocking then getting away. In SF4 you can do a reversal that is usually unsafe, back dash or just get up and block. In Marvel you better block.

In Tekken its not as unforgiving as SF or Marvel but you do have options however the get up kick isn't fully invincible. It actually may not even be invincible it might just be really fast but I have seen it go through some moves but with the right timing which isn't at all hard to do you can stop someone from trying to hit you with a get up kick.

You can also block and punish it as well. I feel this would be the best way so it still gives the defender options but the aggressor should be at a better advantage here when they score a knock down. Right now when the defender gets knocked down the wake up situation is 65/35 in their favor when it should be opposite and be more like 70/30 in the attackers favor. Your only options should be to tech roll, get up kick, delay get up kick or lay on the ground until you get forced teched far away from your opponent to reset the position.

Decrease invincibility on wake up kicks, make them punishable on guard ideally -13 but I guess -11 and no push back. Also no more stun on normal hit. Stun on counter hit. Actually I think the low should knock down on counter hit. Of course if a get up kick hits you I think it should be like +1 or 2 on hit.

As matches are now when I knock someone down I don't want to be anywhere near them so I don't have to deal with get up kick shenanigans and it has always been like this in DOA. Its annoying to be on the offense and have to back off cause of a get up kick. If I have the proper timing I think I should be able to beat out a get up kick. As of now the only chars off the top of my head who have good wake up kick defensive is the Ninja's and Hayate lost his because he can't jump over the mid anymore and can't teleport through someones wake up because its gone from the command dash lol. Ayane, Hayabusa and Kasumi can all jump over them and keep pressure no problem.

I am trying to think of other stuff to write about but this is my single biggest complaint lol.

Also down attacks are kind of useless I hit someone with 2p/2k and it allows them to get up kick me. I would say disable get up kicks after it hits and make them have to tech roll but I don't know it might make down attacks too strong they are easy to get. Also pounce attacks they aren't very useful in this game not quite sure what to do with them. You can delay tech and they totally whiff and now you are in a bad situation.

Going to brain storm more and I will post another entry when I do.

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