Monday, October 1, 2012

Seasons Beatings Ascension

This past weekend I participate in Seasons Beatings Ascension and it was a really great and well ran event. I cannot express enough how happy I am that Team Ninja flew out to my home state Ohio to show support to the fighting game community and watch us all battle it out in the newly release Dead or Alive 5. DOA is very close to my heart because without this game I wouldn't exist as a player in the tournament circuit so to go from starting so many years ago and never have even thought I would even meet them to them coming to my state to support our biggest major event in our state means a great deal to me.

Talking to Shimbori-san, Peter and Tom was just a great experience in itself. Its very great to talk the team and they know exactly everything about their game and you can discuss not only strategies but anything about the game in general. And I know DOA almost as well as the back of my hand actually I probably know DOA better than the back of my hand lol.

I am really happy with the general interest in DOA5. During the finals there were golf claps and people had no trouble following along with what was going on in the matches. If someone sidestepped and it was a good read I would hear someone go "nice!" and whenever someone hit a power blow the crowd would cheer. It was a very heart warming experience for me. Very pleased with the reaction to the game. I think the negative stigma that DOA has is starting to dwindle away. Looking very much forward to the future of the game and all the new faces that will be getting into the game.

I also want to give a shout out to godlike-productions and console combat for running the best Seasons Beatings to date. Please keep it going guys! Also I hope everyone tunes into console combat for their weekly and monthly streams. You can follow them on their twitch channel @ and also you can follow them both on twitter @gdlkent for godlike-productions and @console_combat.

Great job to everyone who entered the tournament and helped make this event great. Shout out to Ryujin, NinjaCW and Sloppy55000 for making top 4! Good job to Mystik and DrDogg on the mic as usual they did a great job as always.

My next events will be MLG Dallas and Absolute Battle/Dead or Alive in Dallas so please tune into the streams or better yet make it out to the event because these events can't be great without you guys so please try your best to make it out!

I will be streaming DOA this week so be sure to tune in if you want to learn more and level up. My channel is and you can follow me on twitter @perfectlegend.
Well guys till next time!

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